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"The provision of any service by the lessor during the lease residential property (eg, cleaning, storage, etc.) makes the generated income as income from business activity, which is subject to the pertinent tax laws of the Ministry of Finance"
The problem of the legal framework surrounding it and house rent by «Airbnb» in Greece are recently burning dilemma, as more and more people in our state wanting to rent their residence to others for a short period, primarily Holiday view to ensuring an income that is additional.
To the question, what is true of tourism and tax purposes in Greece for such leases, useful clarifications gives the answer of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Tourism, in parliamentary question by letter, filed in the House on the taxation of property lease from the owners tourists.
Whether an apartment for one night or a citadel for a week, or a villa for a month, «Airbnb» offers exceptional travel experiences at any cost in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries, including Greece.
The release from 11/01/2015 tourist leases in our country gave new opportunities to the establishment of leases, and now freely allowed to rent property for less than 30 days (short-term leases), without, that's, subject to the holding of Specific Signal Operation .
Questions to the competent Ministries of Tourism and Economy, on the problem of taxation of property lease from the owners tourists
The «Airbnb» is considered the easiest way to make the most of someone, through space that was economic, leasing, or property, that of surplus, presenting it to an audience of numerous users
With top international customer service and a big community of users continues to spread, the «Airbnb» is the easiest means to benefit from one economic space, or property, that of surplus, presenting it to an audience of millions christon.ypourgeio Oikonomikon
- "For income tax problems, taxation in Greece tasks of peer to peer platforms and their tax audit, the qualified institution is the General Public Revenue Secretariat".
"From November 1, 2015 are infamously free tourist leases and most can be leased freely tourists in property of any kind (house, apartment, etc.), wherever you is located, even if it's no unique signal tourist accommodation and Operation without minimum lease period (say even for a night).
This new type of tourist leases, which comes from the US, and has spread to countries in Europe and in our nation, and before 1/11/2015, through unique web nodes.
• Given this new cities and tourist areas, citizens wanting to reap the benefits of the market of sharing, having, nevertheless, secured, will be taxed in order to be entirely legitimate and how will declare leases, inquired Mr . Ministers:
• given that there are form, or indeed it's an activity within the market of sharing (sharing economy), or greatly hide commercial activity, it stays completely untaxed and raises problems of unfair competition in the tourist lodging and, most importantly, dilemmas consumer protection, and
-For What reason the necessary legislative framework hasn't yet been embraced for the liberalized tourist leases?
- is the identical treatment of renters will be assured, when those that make local lease the state and taxed normally, while the new form of tourist leases remain untaxed, the second, the government is pressured to make various income reductions as part of the memorandum?
-And yet, how is it ensured the firms with their internet nodes (basically on-line travel agencies) will be taxed on income, running in Greece?
- How Will ensure the rents paid usually abroad, will be imported into Greece?
- How Will ensure the protection of consumers and tourists will prevent the defamation of the nation from the usage of any tourists unsuitable property, when such property isn't controlled?
In reply to the competent Ministries states:
"The property owner, bearing the characteristics and meets the requirements leased furnished room-flat (EYID), from November 1, 2015, are not subject to duty to make the Special Signal Operation. The same applies to properties that have the characteristics and meet the standards of self-catering accommodation, subject to the provisions of Law in Article 46. 4179/2013 (A '175) on tourist furnished villas and apartments. In addition, the owner may, in all the above described cases, carry out even for brief time, the urban lease of the property.
Feeling EOT stays for individuals may delay the procedure and this issue will directly apply the Tourism Ministry on legal things. Reportedly, the ministry action group has recently undertaken the conclusion of the endeavor, but there is currently anything new on its final form.
Based on Greek tax law, property owners wishing to rent is required to proceed with the timely electronic recording of the info of the lease through on-line implementation of e-Government Directorate (D.ILE.D.) to the site www.gsis. For receiving the unique number of the lease registration gr,.
Specifically, an individual who wishes to carry on the farm leased rooms-apartments as tourist lodging of Article 1. 4276/2014 (A 155) will be authorized by the territorially competent licensing and supervisory authorities, ie the Regional Tourism Services choosing the planned Special Signal Operation (E.S.L.). Also, tourist furnished houses and villas, running relative to the provisions of Article 46 of N.4179 / 2013 may continue to run under this system, in accordance with the prescribed conditions.
The Fortune magazine contacted EOT, and according to the information up to now, properties which are leased for temporary use are not any longer based on the abolition of these earlier articles to be regarded as tourist lodging. Bureau sources stressed that since mnimoniakes commitments apply, then opens the way for the letting of property even for a day or two, but the same sources consider the landscape stays cloudy and likely will require accompanying efarmostikoi laws that will sort out the landscape on quite a few problems that have to do with the co-possession, the undivided property, etc. and the safeguards to accompany the new law.
In any case clarified the abolition of the time limit of 30 days for the characterization of a lease as a 'tourist' does not imply in any case the abolition of rented room-apartment (EYID) as tourist accommodation.
"For additional clarification of questions concerning particular income tax issues, taxation in Greece tasks of peer-to-peer platforms and their tax audit, the competent institution is the General Public Revenue Secretariat"
Further clarification of the conditions under which the income which would result from the lease of the property will be taxed as income from business activity (in case of service) or as income from real-estate, will be provided with by itself substantial capable Ministry of Finance.
Eventually, it is noted, that for the additional clarification of other questions, concerning special income tax problems, taxation in Greece tasks of peer to peer platforms and tax audit of these tasks, the competent institution to reply on the General Secretariat public Revenues, given that all kinds of tax policy issues under the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance, the institution to which also this question "addressed.
4276/2014 (A 155) and para. 7 of Article 2 of Law. 2160/1993 (A118) from November 1, 2015 . What this means is that abolished conditions and the terms for giving the Particular Signal Operation at tourist lodging and the definition of tourist lodging whereby not appear until lately short term lease in this class. Thus, to individuals minus the dependence on Special Operations Signal EOT opens the way for short term real estate leases on the grounds of the legislature. Law Foundation 4276/2014 and in particular with Article 2 par. 1, the legislator considered the property being leased for a temporary stay of the tenant (for less than thirty days) as "accommodation."
Under the older law to hire someone home owners had either received special agreement between the two parties involved does Special Signal Operation as tourist accommodation or hiring. In all other cases, the offenders were facing the danger of a fine of 50,000 euros.
POL.1069 / 23.03.2015 explanatory circular, the supply of any service by the lessor when urban property leasing (eg, cleaning, storage, etc.) makes the generated income as income from business activity, which is subject to the pertinent tax laws of the Ministry of Finance [the question of how to declare this income when the renter is a foreigner who doesn't have a VAT number, response seems at first to give the POL.1230 / 14.10.2015].
It stressed the matter involved two most ministries, specifically the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Finance, but according to facts so far, if an owner has a lease contract less than 30 days, then this really is considered legal under the law on urban property and urban leasing. Whereas already renters from abroad can conclude lease contracts just upon presentation in their passport, renting through programs kind Airbnb theoretically more permitted for legal reasons. Suffice it to confirm or refute the legislature through unique appropriate laws or circulars which have not yet been made known.

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